Tuesday, January 5, 2010

what is TTT

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TTT is based on email.

Using email as bedrock for online governance means instant access to the number one skill among all internet communities: email.

By emphasising email as a frontline solution to world communications, TTT offers a 'gateway' solution to solving global problems.

Via the magic of web2, software has got sophisticated enough to be simple enough for all of us. This means an end to ad hoc spending decisions. People with power and access to money will think twice about every transaction, knowing each appears automatically online.


TTT embraces what we call email2web.

Any blogger can set a secret email address to publish online automatically. Any blog can be set up to look like a "proper" website.


TTT crosses a digital divide to enable a hand up to those most deserving - communities of any age, gender, income, idealogy or faith - people hiding in plain sight.

Millennia of secrecy end here.

TTT embraces the facebook-bebo generation as an exemplar of new human tradition - total transparency in real life - more curriculum veritas than curriculum vitae.

TTT envisions a diaspora community handling behind-the-scenes admin of web logs and web sites, on behalf of remote communities, especially those most vulnerable.

case study 1

A basket weaving collective might appoint a 3G mobile neice to message mates online overseas: set us up a blog - here's the name.

Roughly half an hour later, the neice gets a message back: their secret email address.

Neice takes 3G phone to a community media centre ... quantum and quality of ground-truth governance information is enhanced, as are economies.

efficiency, effectiveness

TTT offers ultimate efficiency, effectiveness.

Total Transparency Tools mean transparency in real-time, real-world situations, with real people.

Ultimate efficiency, and accountability, via a gateway skill common to all internet communities.

Only an email away.

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