Thursday, October 30, 2008

innovative ideas in draft

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How is your idea innovative, new or different from what already exists?

TTT, total transparency tools apply an innovative approach to information technology – information first.

New in a news sense.

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Like 1950’s paranoia about rock-and-roll, today’s youth get warned off social networking – beware Bebo! Elvis Presley is the devil!

Teenagers sigh, oldies just-don’t-get-it. This is me. Why pretend? And, thus, millennia of secrecy-based management crumble in the face of one brutally blond word: “Whatever.”

Formalising this trend, TTT offers an email-based approach to institutional transparency, similar in concept to what another applicant describes as an “online seal of ethics.”

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. . . another example of TTT in action is Curriculum Veritas, a third millennium approach to the curriculum vitae, outlining weaknesses as well as strengths. TTT, total transparency tools extrapolate historical trends towards ever greater transparency to apply future accountability, today.

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TTT, total transparency tools take an imaginative leap into the future, perhaps 500 years hence, no secrets, no lies.

Salary, health, education, sero-status and other personal statistics mix up as a galactic cyber-soup.

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Ethics commoditisation.

Transparency and accountability are bottom-line expenses under current economic models.

TTT, total transparency tools, apply fundamental free market efficiencies to ethics, transforming emerging management approaches to globally transformative accountability.

Using an all-Google platform based on Gmail is bedrock to a back-to-basics application of global email skills, offering exponential scalability.


KNC: How is your idea innovative (new or different from what already exists) ?

Back to basics. Email.

After 12 years of world wide web, email remains king of the online world, much as radio does offline. TTT, total transparency tools, take email to the next level. Email2, maybe. Or email2web, more accurately.

Publishing online, automagically.

. . .

TTT enables exponential scalability for accountability systems. Swarm and cloud computing is mostly seen as tech talk, and so it is, so far. TTT takes an informational approach to IT, stripping away technological barriers in favour of the internet’s baseline skill: email.

Text? From mobile phones? Sure. Way more than email. Very little of that, however, actually ends up online.

. . .

TTT forges against IT fashion, using an email paradigm to enable community networking, communication and participation in democratic processes.

Bank alerts via publish bottomline budget expenditure as it happens, once retail banks expand email alerts beyond deposits to withdrawals.

. . . and strips governance back-to-basics and back-to-the-future.

. . .

Email is the Model-T Ford of the third millennium.

. . . applying advanced transparency tools to enable exponential growth in accountability.

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